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Shaman speaks: awaken who you really are


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Saturday, DTBA 
Not hosting live classes during the pandemic )
Please visit for online CEU classes
 12 FL CEUs for counselors, nurses, massage therapists
with SILVIA CASABIANCA, Reiki Master
CALL (239) 948-9444

BUY REIKI SESSIONSBUY REIKI SESSIONSReiki Sessions alleviate pain, promote relaxation.
BOOK- REGAINING BODY WISDOMBOOK- REGAINING BODY WISDOMDoes illness really exist? in this book by Reiki Master and former physician Silvia Casabianca, she explores health and illness from a multidimensional perspective.

Shaman speaks: awaken who you really are
Thursday Feb 9

Shaman Speaks: Awaken who you truly are. 6 – 7:30 p.m.
With Minazali Bhinji, LMT.
A shift in the energy of the Earth is occuring. Are you ready? Breath out your limiting beliefs. Open heart, center self and become the shift. 9200 Bonita Bch Rd, #204. Bonita.


RSVP 948-9444.

We are honored to introduce Ancient Healing owner, Minazali as the presenter for this class. We asked him if he could put together some classes to teach Shamanism to others, as per the request of one of our Eyes Wide Open clients. Ali has taught a few Shiatsu classes with Eyes Wide Open.

Born a shaman and a healer in Uganda, East Africa, Minazali Bhimji (Ali) grew up in a very spiritual family with a long family line of shamans. Minazali received his shamanic training from his grandmother. He furthered his training by learning the ancient Medical Chinese practice of QiGong, the old Japanese art of Shiatsu and other energy practices. In Florida, he became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

“Grandmother taught me to be totally in alignment with Gaia, Mother Earth, whose vibrations I feel through my feet. I sense Father Spirit’s energy from above. When I bring these together in my heart chakra, I become a vessel for healing,” he says.

Bhimji speaks in an ancient green language, which he says the animals and plants use to talk. A fascinating storyteller, his questions are piercing, but meant to teach, enlighten and educate. "When you practice shamanism, you are practicing oneness based on unconditional love from Divine Mother and Father Spirit. Here there is no separation and no labels,” advises Bhimji.

Ali warns he can't pass his knowledge or skills during a weekend workshop and much less on an evening talk. He has actually been mentoring Kate, his assistant, for about 7 years. But he has agreed to talk about how to you could awaken your inner shaman, that part in you that connects directly to the true Source and gives you access to healing of body, mind and spirit.

Come and talk to Minazali. Learn more about Shamanism.

9200 Bonita Bch Rd, #204. Bonita. $20. RSVP 948-9444.
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