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Restore and energize your body with any of our massage modalities
There doesn't need to be to be a more powerful "reason" to receive a massage other than to pamper your body. Massage is also therapeutic and not only relieves stress, it contributes to increase performance and range of motion after an injury or surgery.  

Yes! Massage has therapeutic effects on your body. If you can't avoid the daily life stress, you can certainly offset its deleterious effects by taking some time for yourself to slow down, allow others to care for you and relax to rejuvenate. And what could be better than receiving bodywork sessions in a calming environment, from people who're truly professional, and really care for your wellbeing?  Our commitment is to support you all the way to recovering peace, joy and balance. 

Our expert licensed massage therapists will help you calm your mind, alleviate pain and/or break restrictive patterns that limit movement. You choose the modality that best suits your needs.

So, you have made up your mind and you want to give yourself a treat. Great!

A single massage session can really help to restore energy and make you feel rejuvenated. But what happens next? You'd go back to your old routine, same postures, same movement patterns and any soreness and even limitation you had comes back.

Do yourself a favor, give your body a treat! The effects of Massage, Reiki, Yoga or Trager are cumulative and you will see great benefits from pampering your body on a regular basis. Your body deserves it! 

For a holistic treat, also attend our nutrition classes, stretch with yoga, get foot massage, participate in our Reiki circles, try meditation or dance (movement integration)... It's your pick. We provide the options. 

Gift certificates available.

Check for available times before you buy: (239) 948-9444

*** We also offer pain management using Infrared Laser technology.

Licensed Therapists:

Ali Gardella: Reiki, Swedish, foot massage, hot stones - MA76999

Silvia Casabianca: Trager Approach®, Reiki, Medical QiGong -  MA32919

Chris Neal: Swedish, Trigger point, Active Isolated stretching, Reiki and more - MA51060

Please call ahead to make an appointment. After you pay, please print and bring your receipt

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BUY REIKI SESSIONSBUY REIKI SESSIONSReiki Sessions alleviate pain, promote relaxation.
BOOK- REGAINING BODY WISDOMBOOK- REGAINING BODY WISDOMDoes illness really exist? in this book by Reiki Master and former physician Silvia Casabianca, she explores health and illness from a multidimensional perspective.

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