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Saturday, Oct 28/23 

Please visit for online CEU classes
 12 FL CEUs for nurses, massage therapists
with SILVIA CASABIANCA, Reiki Master
CALL (239) 948-9444

BUY REIKI SESSIONSBUY REIKI SESSIONSReiki Sessions alleviate pain, promote relaxation.
BOOK- REGAINING BODY WISDOMBOOK- REGAINING BODY WISDOMDoes illness really exist? in this book by Reiki Master and former physician Silvia Casabianca, she explores health and illness from a multidimensional perspective.


October 28 (part 1) from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. continued on Dec 2 (part 2) from 9:30 am to 5:30 p.m.)
18 CEUs for Nurses, LMT, Midwives, Dietitians
Reiki Level II
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(RVSVP: 239 948 9444)

This retreat is for those who have completed Reiki Level I and is designed for you to complete your training as a Reiki Level II practitioner. It is part of your required training to become a Reiki Master.

In Reiki Level II you go a step further and explore how to free yourself from your limiting beliefs, those that hold you back and stop you from living life at its fullest.

Reiki II is focused on the mental and emotional dimensions of your being, and you learn three symbols that work as energetic keys to open doors to other dimensions. One of these symbols is used for distant healing.

I believe in student-centered education where one learns according to one's own pace and interests. The teacher is a facilitator of your process, a temporary aide while you find your inner master (or if you already found the master, a facilitator for those times in which your master decides to go silent). It is a highly individualized journey. Each one of us holds different expectations and comes from different backgrounds. Each of us has different goals and pace. We need to follow our intuition, set up our priorities, know how deep we want to immerse in our quest. We make no comparisons and there is no "one right way."

Reiki Level II class becomes the beginning of your Reiki mastery path. For Reiki Level III, the master level, you will require more than just a weekend retreat. From former experience, I have come to believe that although REIKI III can be formally "achieved" by just receiving attunements from a Master, which takes only a few minutes, mastery is a soul path where you evolve by living a transformational process until you discover who you really are and learn to master your own life. This process requires commitment, time and dedication, and it demands practice, inquiry and guidance. You want to be well equipped for the tasks that lay ahead.

During this Reiki Level II weekend, I will provide more details about this process of becoming a master.

If willing to participate in this reiki retreat, please send me your confirmation as soon as possible and include the personal topics you would like to cover during this journey ( This retreat will be mostly experiential and we'll make the time to discuss any questions that time allows us to cover.

REIKI Level II (see date at the top of the page)  will take place in BONITA SPRINGS,FL. Please call (239) 948-9444 for details

Reiki Trade Day - Reiki practitioners of the same level or below are welcome to attend this class. There is only a nominal fee if you want a reattunement.

Please confirm attendance ahead of time.

(You can take one day or both days of the class, please read below)

This wonderful weekend class is for you if you:

1. Have taken Reiki level I and want to enter the Reiki mastery path.

2. Want to deepen your Reiki experience

3. Want to learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs that hold you from experiencing a fulfilling life

4. Want to learn distance healing methods

5. Want to increase your consciousness

6. Want to have a deeper, meaningful relationship with self, others and the world, and experience deeper compassion

7. Want to learn Reiki symbols that will help you focus the Rei energy for deeper results

8. Want to learn more about how to shift from the ego to the soul perspective

9. Have already been trained in Reiki level II but want to retake the class (You pay only $55 and receive a re-attunement)

$275 if paid before Sept 11th. $333 thereafter.


All continuing education live classes provided by Eyes Wide Open are approved for CEUs by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy (50-625) .
Our Reiki classes are also approved by other boards and councils. For the full list, please go to

Reiki level II - day 1 - We review hands protocol from Reiki level I.
You learn two symbols and how to apply them to yourself and others (protocols) - You also explore limiting beliefs that hold you from experiencing life at its fullest. The symbolic meaning of symptoms is also explored. A technique to build effective affirmations will be shared.

Reiki level II - day 2 - You learn the distant healing symbol and respective protocol. You receive Reiju (attunement).

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